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Range maintenance is a never ending part of Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Association.  There is always something to do.  Painting, target cardboard backers, clean up, and constant repairs of various parts of the range.  We never have enough help when it comes to getting things done in a timely manner.  Every Monday from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM is Range Maintenance Day.  It will be on our scheduled events every week, and you may sign up to attend.  If only 10% of our members showed up one Monday a month, what a difference could be made in the appearance, and functionality of range operations.  These hours count towards the PARTICIPATING MEMBER (Non-RSO) level of membership available to members.  You may view those levels at the join us link below.

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Redcliffs Range is Safe and Secure, both here and at the Range!

Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Association

Located On Regional Parks Road

(2 Miles past the DMV) 

Hurricane, Utah 84737


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