A safe shooting environment with range safety officers on staff


In addition to the main range, we also have individual bays that range from 25 up to 200 yards. Each bay has a set of target holders with clamps for your cardboard target backer, various kinds and types of steel targets from knock down to target trees to stand alone rifle steel, a canopy, tables and chairs. The bays are not RSO monitored as the main range is and you can fast fire and draw from your holster. The bays add individualism to your shooting experience that you cannot get on the main range.

Shooting Bays Overview

Shooting Bays Video Overviews

Red Cliffs Rifle & Pistol Association  

Located On Regional Parks Road 

(2 Miles past the DMV) 

5850 W 1800 S
PO Box 943
Hurricane, Utah 84737

(435) 705-4559

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