Become a Range Adminstration Officer, (RAO) 

One of the very important roles of Range Operation is the role of RAO.  This is the person who greets shooters who enter the range.  Sign them into the range.  Charge the fees associated for their activity.  Find out information to be passed on to the Range Safety Officers before the person or persons are assigned to a shooting bench.  Why is this so important?

They are usually the first person a visitor to the range will speak to.  They must be familiar with Range Rules, make sure the visitors have eye and ear protection.  Operate the Point of Sale system (cash drawer), and follow the office procedures.  There will be periodic classes to teach Office Procedures to those interested in becoming an RAO.  Since RSOs often double and do both the RSO and RAO duties, for every RAO we get qualified to volunteer two days a month, it actually often frees up another RSO to function as an RSO not an RAO.

This is why becoming an RAO qualifies you for the Participating Member (RSO/RAO) Level of Membership.  Just two days a month, four to five hours each day running the range office, and you get all of the benefits of a Participating Member (RSO/RAO)  If this is something that might interest you, just send an email to Redcliffs Email and request more information. You may also download this RAO Application and complete it, email it to Redcliffs Email or bring it by the office the next time you visit the range. 

Redcliffs Range is Safe and Secure, both here and at the Range!

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