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This event provides shooters with an opportunity to compete head to head in a steel plate match.  This is a match where the first shooters to knock all their plates down first, wins the run.  Whether you shoot semi-auto, rim fire or revolver, we have a category for you.  Better yet, come and shoot in all three.

You are guaranteed a minimum of five runs at the racks, (in each category you enter), more if you win your matches.  This is a  double elimination tournament, so you have two chances to win. This is a great family match where husband can compete against the wife or the kids. Young shooters are welcome as long as they have the ability to safely handle a firearm.  KIDS UNDER 18 AND MILITARY SHOOT FREE.

Center fire guns, (semi auto or revolver), shoot at 8 inch plates at forty feet.  Rim fire pistols shoot at 4 inch plates at thirty feet.  The match begins with each shooter shooting two timed runs to establish their starting position for the match  This allows shooters of similar skill levels to compete against each other. The first shooter to clear their rack wins the run.  In the first segment of the competition, you shoot the best 2 of 3 runs.  In the latter segment of the match, it's a sudden death elimination.

Signups for the match begin at 8:00 a.m.,  pre-shoot briefing at 8:15 a.m.,  qualifications at 8:30 a.m.  Cost for the match is: $5.00 for one category, $7.50 for two and $10.00 for all three. Kids under 18, and active duty military, shoot free.  You need not be a member of Red Cliffs Range to participate.

Red Cliffs Range is located approximately 1 mile past the Washington County Fairgrounds, immediately on the right after passing through the entry gates.

For additional information about the match, contact Ron Majury at 435-251-8525

Match Results


The July 28th Pistol Plate Match marked the First Anniversary of the event with the best attendance of any match since the event's inception.  There were 21 entrants in the three classes available with two of the shooters coming from the Ogden area.

One big factor, which added measurably to the enjoyment of all participants, was the new canopy over the training bay where the match is held.  Shade was definitely a big factor in adding to the comfort of all competitors.  Many thanks to the board for this major improvement.

Ten shooters faced off in the semi-auto class, while eight entered the rim fire shoot.  Three shooters went head to head in the revolver division.

Chris Irvine started his day by clearing two racks of plates, in qualifications, in just under 13.5 seconds to be the top seed in the semi auto class.  He survived a couple of very close matches to take the Winner's Bracket.  First time participant Don Christensen fought his way back through the Loser's Bracket to face Bruce Furr in that bracket final.  Bruce prevailed over Don and went on the face Chris in the Semi Auto Class Final.  Chris claimed the class title.

In Rim Fire, Bruce Furr won the Winner's Bracket.  Tyler Bingham bested the rest in the Loser's Bracket and faced Bruce in the Class final.  Bruce took the Rim Fire Class Title.

The Revolver Class boiled down to a shootout between Tyler Bingham and Bruce Furr.  Bruce prevailed in Revolver to face Chris for the Overall Match Winner.

In the Overall Match Final, with Bruce having won two classes, Bruce chose to face off with Chris shooting his semi auto rim fire.  The match was a straight heads up six plate run, best of three.  It took three runs to see Chris squeak out a win.  Bruce then took his option to face Chris going Revolver against Semi-Auto.  Bruce loaded his seven shot revolver and Chris loaded seven in his auto.  Bruce had to hit four plates and the popper while Chris had to hit 6 plates and the popper.  The match used all three runs and was very close.  Chris managed to take the win.

Those participating in the event were: Don Christensen, Tony Vanderheyden, Bob Sanders, Tyler Bingham, Chris Irvine, Bruce Furr, Larry Brulen, Julie Brulen, Nannette Petrocelli, Les Covey, Bruce Christensen and Ron Majury.

The next Pistol Plate Match is scheduled for Saturday, August 25th, at 8 a.m.  Law enforcement and active military, as well as under 18 years old, shoot free. Three classes are available, Semi-Auto, Rim Fire and Revolver.  Cost for one class is $5.00, two classes, $7.50 or $10.00 for all three.  Sign-ups are at 8 a.m., pre-shoot briefing at 8:15, and qualifications at 8:30.  For further information, contact Ron Majury at 435-251-8525.




The Pistol Plate Match is the only head to head competition at Red Cliffs Range where you win by being quick.  This event, sometimes called “Drag Racing With Guns” see the competitors start from a carpeted table top (no holster drawing) to engage a rack with six steel plates.  The first shooter to down all of their plates is the winner of that run.

This match is a double elimination affair that, even if you lose a round, you may still come back and win your class, or even the entire match.  It has been done. This match gives most shooters an adrenalin rush that can only be attained in a match race setting.

Three classes are offered: (1) Semi-Auto, (2) Revolver, and (3) Rim Fire.  Semi-Auto and Revolver shooters engage 8” plates and 40 feet, while Rim Fire shooters take on 4” plates at 30 feet. Shooters may shoot in one, two or all three classes.  Each class entered guarantees five runs at the racks, more if your win your rounds.  Entry fee for one class is $5.00, two classes, $7.50 and all three for $10.00.  Youngsters under 18 are welcome, as long as they have safe gun handling skill and a parent or guardian present, plus, they shoot for free.  Active military members shoot free as well.

You need not be a member of Red Cliffs Rifle and Pistol Range to shoot in this match.  You may sign up the day of the match at the range, no reservations are necessary.  This is a “keep your brass match” for those of you who reload.  Open sights and red dot optics are allowed on off the shelf production type guns.  Please no $4,000 specialty guns designed for USPSA. Please bring your extra magazines and speed loaders if you have them, to help keep the match moving along when you shoot back to back runs.  Don't forget your eye and ear protection, it is required.


January, February and March....1:00 p.m.

April, May and June....9:00 a.m.

July, August and September....8:00 a.m.

October, November and December....9:00 a.m.

***PLEASE NOTE*** ALL Registration and ALL PAYMENTS for this Event need to be made thru the Plate Pistol Match Event by going directly to the event >>> HERE 


RedCliffs Rifle & Pistol Association is liable for all and any Events held on its premises.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer contact event director Ron Majury 360-904-3567

 "Despite hot, hot temps, we had a good turnout for the first Pistol Plate Match Event. The shooting was pretty "hot", too... although a new experience for a lot of the shooters, most got the hang of it really quick and the competition was very close at times and lots of fun to watch. Next regularly scheduled shoot is July 22 and every 4th Saturday from then on"        Check Out The Video Below

Pistol Plate Match Videos

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