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Pistol Plate Match 101

There are three categories (1) Semi-Auto (2) Revolver and (3) Rimfire. You can shoot in one for $5, two for $7.50 or all three for just $10.  f you are 18 or younger all you’re shooting is free, but you must have an adult present. This event is open to the public and to all ages.  Along with open sights, only red dot optics on off the shelf standard handguns are used. All shooting is stationary from behind your individual carpeted table. You may keep your brass.

After the regular shooting ends we will make Challenge matches available for the first time.  Both shooters pay $2 each to shoot a best of three run and the winner not only gets bragging rights, but his $2 back as well!  So be sure to bring plenty of ammunition and magazines for back to back relays.  

Safety along with your fun is the goal, so don't forget your eye & ear protection. We'll have some new procedures in place  for less time between each time that you shoot (it's still double elimination). We will also have treats for those that shoot, because Oct isn't only about Steel Plate Match Shooting

The Why & How



     What's eight inches around, hard as steel and everyone loves to knock down from 40 feet away? 

      Why the steel plates at the 4th Saturday of the month shooting event of course?  Young or old, large caliber or small, everyone can discover just how accurately they can shoot a handgun in this double elimination family friendly 'competition' at Red Cliffs Rifle and Pistol range.  The real competition is to better your own skills over time.  With that said, 'honey' can show 'hubby' who the real shooter in the family is. Don't be surprised if the 'kids' out gun both parents.  Spectators are always welcomed, just sign in!


      Shooting is divided  into three categories (at least until enough interest is shown to add more).  All categories use 'stock' firearms such as you own already.  We don't shoot high end units at this time so you can leave them at home.  Your only decision is to decide between adding optics (red dot sights) or the standard open sights whichever you prefer.  The three current categories are  1) Rim fire   2) Revolver and 3) Semi Automatic. Center fire is done at 40 feet and rim fire is 30 feet on smaller plates Be sure to bring extra speed loaders or magazines because this is a fast paced event where you'll be back on the line quickly, well until you've lost twice anyway.

      Start the day by knocking over six steel plates on a 4 foot high rack as fast as YOU can, two times back to back on our timer. The combined total of these two times determine who you will shoot against in the one on one competition. Keep going until your second loss in that category. It's possible to loose once and still win the category! One winner in each category and one overall champion for the day. As long as YOU improve each month you'll be having fun while improving your skills! 

      The plate match is held in the new training bay area. Sign in begins at 7:30 AM and shooting starting at 8 AM.  Please sign in by 8 AM. Since there is over $3,000 in new equipment that needs to be payed for, this event has a fee. You do NOT have to be a member to shoot and those under 18 shoot free (an adult must be present) Participation in one category it is $5, two categories is $7.50 or fire away in all three for only $10. All money goes to recoup equipment costs. We'll have loading tables, shade, some seats and water waiting for you. Bring extra ammunition (standard loads only), magazines/speed loaders and the off the shelf firearms you enjoy.  Don't forget your eye and ear protection the safety officer will be looking for. We will switch to a later winter start time on Oct 28

***PLEASE NOTE*** ALL Registration and ALL PAYMENTS for this Event need to be made thru the Plate Pistol Match Event by going directly to the event >>> HERE 


RedCliffs Rifle & Pistol Association is liable for all and any Events held on its premises.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer contact event director Ron Majury 360-904-3567

Match Results


   " Winners of the September Plate Match are (from left) Mike Coulup, Revolver Class Winner, Bruce Furr, Rim Fire Class Winner, and Chris Irvine, Semi-Auto Class and Overall Match Winner. The shooters received their plaques at the October Plate Match on the 28th."

   Once again the Red Cliffs Pistol Plate Match was plagued with beautiful clear skies and pleasant temperatures as shooters attacked the plate racks for a morning of shooting fun.  Eleven shooters made up 18 class entries in the three divisions, Semi-Auto, Rim Fire and Revolver.  Chris Irvine prevailed in both Semi-Auto and Rim Fire divisions and Mike Coulup took the Revolver Class.  Chris also came away with the Overall Match Winner title.

   A new feature was unveiled during the October match, a large Bracket Board which shows the complete match bracket for all divisions and allows every competitor to track the progress of the match and who they will being pared against in the next round. The Bracket Board is updated after every pair of shooters complete their runs.

   Shooters competing in the October match were: Ed Sappington, Mark Stephenson, Scott Finlinson, Lou Scheideman, Bob Truelsen, Bruce Christensen, Chris Irvine, Bruce Furr, Phil Page, Bob Sanders and Mike Coulup.

   The November Pistol Plate Match is scheduled for November 25, Thanksgiving weekend.  Sign-ups at 9:30, pre-shoot briefing at 9:45 and first shooting at 10 a.m. A great opportunity to bring visiting family and friends out to an activity they may never have seen or participated in before. Cost for the match is any division, $5.00, any two divisions, $7.50 and all three for $10. Kids under 18 shoot free. The minimum number of runs at the plates is five in any division, more if you win.  This head to head competition match is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

   Hang around after the match and we'll keep the racks open so you can challenge friends or family to a no-cost head to head competition. Come on, give it a shot! (pun intended)  For more info, contact Ron Majury, 435-251-8525.


 "Despite hot, hot temps, we had a good turnout for the first Pistol Plate Match Event. The shooting was pretty "hot", too... although a new experience for a lot of the shooters, most got the hang of it really quick and the competition was very close at times and lots of fun to watch. Next regularly scheduled shoot is July 22 and every 4th Saturday from then on"        Check Out The Video Below

Pistol Plate Match Videos

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