This was an EXTREMELY TAXING AND DIFFICULT MATCH.  MORE difficult than we imagined and we plan to rework the format and logistics before our next Bowling Pin Sniper Match.I want to THANK EVERYONE WHO CAME to both participate and to OBSERVE. We hope to see even more the next time.  These Matches are supposed to be for FUN AND ENJOYMENT and to hone and improve your skills as MARKSMEN....for Both the MEN AND THE LADIES who participate in all the Redcliffs Range Matches.I want to thank, AGAIN, Mike Keegan who came out just to help out as an extra RSO on the line as well as a spotter and a great source of encouragement to the SNIPERS who participated in todays' event.Again, I feel it is noteworthy to point out that we had one shooter, Dave Haller, using original IRON SITES during the 200 yard SNIPER MATCH. Please be sure to email me any comments suggestions and criticisms in order for us to improve and be more creative in planning these Matches.

 Thank You Very Much, Ken & Christine Fladrich


Sniper Match.pdf

200 YARD BOWLING PIN Sniper Match.pdf

High Power Match Rules.pdf

Revised Bowling Pin Match Saturday May 20th, 2017.pdf





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