Membership Level Descriptions

The following is a description of the cost and benefits of the different levels of membership we now have: 

Senior Membership: This membership is open to anyone who is age 70 or above, or has a state issued disabled auto registration or placard.  It is also available to Disabled Veterans with a 50% disability or above from the VA.  The benefits associated with this level are a reduced dues, $50.00 per year. PUNCH CARDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Participating Membership:  This membership is similar to the RSOs membership.  Dues are $50.00 per year.  If you are a participating member that performs RSO duty, RAO duty, or regular Monday maintenance of 8 hours per month, there are no daily shooting fees for this level of membership. And of course RSOs can open the range to shoot during times the range is not open for the public or another event.

Full Membership: This level of membership is the same as a regular membership has always been.  Dues are $75.00 per year, Full Members pay only $5.00 per day of shooting, and receive reduced rates for NRA Training Classes. There is no requirement to participate in service to the management of the range for Full Members.

Sustaining Member:  This level of membership has the same benefits as the Full Membership.  Members who choose this membership level do so because of their love of Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Range, and want to help by "donation" of a higher annual dues payment of $150.00 per year.  If you do choose this level of membership, please be aware that it is greatly appreciated and these funds will be used in the best interest of Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Range.

There is no longer a special recruitment rate for RAO members. 

Redcliffs Range is Safe and Secure, both here, and at the range!

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