Luck of the Irish benchrest competition Tuesday March 15 10 am to Noon

  • 03/09/2016 12:39 PM
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    Attention all benchrest shooters! Let’s have some fun on Tuesday March 15 from 10am to Noon with a St Patrick’s cloverleaf competition! 

    Other than the weather (and you) the idea is to have a level playing field.  We’ll all shoot the same rifle (a 22) the same distance, from the same bench, with the

    same supplied ammunition and rest. In addition to the normal daily fee of $3, you must purchase special clover leaf targets for $1 each (maximum allowed is FIVE targets per shooter) to participate. You’ll be supplied with up to 3 rounds to use per target.  100 targets will be available on a first come basis until gone or the Noon end time.

    Each target may only be shot with one round (the other two are for sighters) with the worst hit being counted in the event of more than one strike on a target. Time limit is ONE minute per target. Multiple targets may be shot in one session. EX: Five targets in five minutes, etc.

    The best shot on a single target will receive both notoriety and half of target sale money.  2nd place will receive ¼ of target sales and the last ¼ of target sales will be used for the next competition whatever that may be.  In the event of a tie a 2nd one shot only will take place between those shooters. All decisions of the judges are final.

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