It's STEEL Saturday Nov 24 & Dec 29

10/31/2018 3:56 PM | Richard Falconer



We are pleased to announce two special Saturdays to shoot steel at the range training bays.  Both Saturday Nov 24 and Saturday Dec 29 steel plates (knock ‘em down) and steel on stands will be set up for your enjoyment and practice.  Normal range fees apply but that’s it, NO additional charges!  The fun starts at 10 am and continues until 3 pm.

Sign in at the main range office to pay your normal fee (yes, you can shoot your rifle or paper targets that day as well on the main range). Just request a ticket to shoot steel plates at no additional charge!  You can do your own practice or challenge someone to a head to head shoot out!  Standard loads only – NO magnum or specialty rounds such as armor piercing, etc. allowed.  Any hand gun in rimfire or center fire may be used but please bring unloaded firearms in a bag or case.  This is so fun you’ll want  to bring lots of ammunition and magazines.

 Eye and ear protection are mandatory.  NRA trained Range Safety Officers will be on duty.   There will be no organized steel plate matches for Nov & Dec.  If you have questions call Ron Majury at (360)904-3567.

Redcliffs Range is Safe and Secure, both here and at the Range!

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