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06/01/2017 5:42 AM | David Brader

Hey everyone, I am not sure how much people notice things, but one thing I notice is what a great job Bob Vavas has done since taking over maintaining the website from me.  Not only did it relieve me of another duty that I had on my plate, which I am very grateful for, but he has more time than I did to really devote himself to learning all of the functions possible with this great website software, and put them to use.

So thank you Bob, for all you are doing.  The site looks fantastic.  And if any of you see Bob at the range tell him that you too notice how good the website looks, and how much information is really there.  Actually, everything anyone needs to know about Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Range and Association can be found on the website.




  • 06/09/2017 7:27 PM | Bob Vavas (Administrator)
    Dave, Thank you for the kind words!! Also thank you for your help and guidance while learning this program. I am glad to be part of such a wonderful organization. Bob
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